How to Treat Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies | Burt's Pharmacy

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) estimates that approximately 7.8 percent of all American adults struggle with hay fever. CDC studies confirm this, and also tell us that millions of Americans struggle with other allergies on a daily basis. But it isn’t only humans struggling; your dog can experience allergies, too, and when he does, he’ll experience many of the same symptoms.Unfortunately, treating dog allergies isn’t alway...

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Elderly Care Products Checklist for Caregivers

Elderly Care Products | Burt's Pharmacy

Caring for an elderly parent or loved one at home isn’t easy, but it can certainly be rewarding if you have the right support from elderly care products. Depending on your loved one’s level of function, you may need additional help in daily care tasks.For patients who retain a high function level late into life, that assistance is often little more than comfort devices and cooperation. For patients with neurodegenerative decl...

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A Simple Guide to Power Lift Chairs

Power Lift Chairs | Burt's Pharmacy

Age is a multifaceted experience; we grow older, wiser, and more appreciative of life, but the physical body isn’t always able to keep pace. Osteoarthritis, pain, and neurodegeneration disorders often hold patients back, causing immense chronic pain and struggles with mobility. These issues make it very difficult to enjoy freedom throughout seniorhood and may even keep some patients bedbound altogether.No matter where you a...

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5 Ways to Keep Fall Allergies at Bay

Fall Allergies | Burt's Pharmacy

Got that aching, sniffly, sneezy, red-eyed, itchy, annoying allergy feeling once again? You may be experiencing fall allergies, sometimes referred to as “hay fever.” This condition represents an increase in allergy symptoms only during specific times of year, usually the spring and fall. The symptoms match environmental increases in histamine-triggering substances like pollen, grass, and plant matter.For some patients, symp...

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4 Types of Mobility Equipment That Can Change Your Life

Mobility Equipment | Burt's Pharmacy

Mobility is extremely important to your quality of life; without it, it can become difficult just to go about your day.  When illness or injury threatens to compromise mobility, it’s very common for patients to wonder about alternatives. Fortunately, mobility equipment has come quite far. Today, your choices of mobility aids are vast enough to accommodate nearly any type of challenge you might face. This article will discuss four of the most commonly suggested mobile aids that can extend your...

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5 Supplements That Encourage Joint Repair

Joint Repair | Burt's Pharmacy

As America’s population ages, so, too, does the rate at which Americans experience age-related health struggles. This includes degenerative joint conditions like osteoarthritis that impact the spine, wrists, shoulders, neck, hips, knees, ankles, and just about every other joint in the human body. When these conditions strike, they can cause immense and difficult-to-control pain, not to mention further damage to the joints and life-impacting mobility problems.Although most degenerative joi...

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11 Surprising Causes of GI Irritation

GI Irritation | Burt's Pharmacy

Stomach and abdominal pains are a nuisance at best and debilitating at worst, and can turn a perfectly beautiful day into a struggle. Unfortunately, diagnosing the source of the problem isn’t always easy; many, many illnesses and irritants can cause gastrointestinal (GI) issues. Some of these causes are obvious, while others may not be quite so apparent.Despite the fact that the GI irritation causes listed here are less common than, say, eating spicy food, knowing about them can improve y...

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5 Skin Conditions Your Compounding Pharmacist Can Treat

Compounding Pharmacist | Paradigm Malibu

Your skin: it protects you from the elements and acts as an effective barrier against the outside world. Without it, you’d be exposed to dangerous bacteria and much more susceptible to viruses. These are just two of the endless reasons why taking care of your skin is so vitally important to your overall wellness.If you have a skin condition, proper skin care and disease management becomes even more critical; even the smallest breaks in your skin can increase your risk for infection and il...

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5 Benefits of Compounded Pain Medication

Compounded Pain Medication | Burt's Pharmacy

We understand the human body and its functions far more now than compared to a hundred years ago. This knowledge, combined with advancements in biology and chemistry, has dramatically increased the power of curative treatment. As humans, we've created treatments for diseases which were previously fatal and have outright cured a few along the way, too. But there's still a long way to go.Treating pain is an excellent example of exactly how much and how little science knows about medicine. N...

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