How to Reduce Pain With an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan

Healthy Food to Reduce Inflammation | Burt's Pharmacy and Compounding Lab

Inflammation: it’s one of the body’s key methods for reacting to injury and/or illness in the body. When it happens in the right circumstances, the inflammatory response aids your body by improving circulation, boosting temperature locally, and encouraging cellular regeneration.Swelling also boosts oxygen and nutrient transmission to localized cells, giving the area more of what it needs to repair the tissue. The problem happens when inflammation becomes out of control or unusually high. ...

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What Is a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy?

Golden Retriever Taking Medication | Burt's Pharmacy and Compounding Lab

Pharmacies have the legal right to fill prescriptions for animals or humans as long as the prescription is written by a doctor or veterinarian. All you need to do is bring the prescription in to the pharmacy to have it filled. Veterinarians work closely with a local veterinary compounding pharmacy to help pet parents access the medications they need to keep their pets safe, healthy, and well.Often, pet parents are surprised to learn that they can fill prescriptions at the local pharmacy. ...

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4 Promising Benefits of Shower Chairs for Elderly

Rubber Bath Mat: Shower Safety | Burt's Pharmacy and Compounding Lab

Most of us think of our home as our sanctuary – a place to relax and simply be yourself. It’s where we feel safe, recognized, relaxed, and supported. Unfortunately, the home can also be a significant source of danger, especially for seniors who may struggle with the same daily tasks they once took for granted, such as visiting the restroom. Because of this increased dan...

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5 Myths About Hormone Replacement, Debunked

Myths About Hormone Replacement, Debunked | Burt's Pharmacy and Compounding Lab

Without a doubt, one of the most standard treatment options for hormone conditions that involve low hormone levels is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Physicians prescribe supplemental hormones to balance out hormone levels in the body, hopefully restoring healthy function.But finding the right hormone at the right level? That’s challenging – and some of the reason it’s challenging has to do with ...

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Finding the Right Pain Management Medication for You

Pain Medication | Burt's Pharmacy and Compounding Lab

If you are in pain, it's likely that your pain changes you and your daily life. Whether you experience the occasional headache or migraine you suffer from serious conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), managing your pain effectively is an important part of good self-care. Unfortunately, pain management medication is a complex and difficult topic – what works for every patient isn’t necessarily the same.Some patients experience pain on a chronic, unrelenting basis. This chronic pain ca...

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Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Seeing Doctor for Varicose Veins | Burt's Pharmacy and Compounding Lab

Varicose veins are veins that swell and/or lose their structure due to age, weight, pressure, or certain medical conditions. More than 40 percent of all Americans will suffer from varicose veins at least once in their lives. Women experience them at a higher rate than men, but gender is not necessarily a full predictor of development. Because so many people s...

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Understanding the Difference Between Compounding & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutics Packing Machine | Burt's Pharmacy and Compounding Lab

In the pharmacy, both compounding and pharmaceutical manufacturing touch every aspect of everything we do each day. Both processes focus on the creation and delivery of drugs to treat illnesses; without them, many modern medications wouldn’t be available or would only be available in limited formats. Patients with serious illnesses or complex health cases would es...

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