Compounding Pharmacy

This method allows the compounding pharmacy to work with the patient and the prescriber to customize a medication to meet the patient's specific needs.

Pharmacology basics dictate that every patient’s healthcare situation is unique. What works for one doesn’t always work for another, and that means that sometimes, a one-size-fits-all approach to medication just isn’t right. Whether the dose is wrong, a patient is sensitive to a filler in a pill, or someone only responds to bio-identical hormones rather than synthetics, we turn to the ancient art of compounding as a solution.


Ancient Art Meets Reliable Medical Science

Although compounding is rarer today than it once was, there was a time when all apothecaries relied upon compounding in full. Physicians would write out prescriptions as a list of ingredients; it was up to the local apothecary to put the list together in a way that was easy for the client to take and effective for absorption.

Every medication the apothecary created was, in fact, a custom medication, regardless of whether it was a tonic, a cough elixir, a painkiller, or something else entirely. This intimate approach valued and respected that each patient may require something slightly different.

Today, our compounding pharmacy mixes the ancient and timeless arts of the apothecary with newer, more reliable science to make customized medications more suitable than ever.

With state-of-the-art machines and advanced scientific processes, we can now custom-compound your most important medications with precision, quality, and an intense dedication to care.


Perfected With Science

Compounding is unique in that it allows us to work with both you and your medical care team to achieve the best results possible for you as an individual. When off-the-shelf treatments don’t work or aren’t appropriate, we can troubleshoot and identify ways to resolve common problems like poor absorption and side effects to make taking and utilizing your medication easier than ever.

When it’s easier to take and use your medication, you’re more likely to take it on a consistent basis. That results in faster healing, better disease management, and improved treatment outcomes for all patients whether they’re five or 50.


Making the Right Choice

Nearly any medication available on the market today can be customized if the need arises. The most common reason for compounding is for ease of use; this includes taking oral medications and making them into topical salves or adding flavor to a particularly bitter pediatric antibiotic.

Some drugs, like bio-identical hormones, must be hand-compounded every single time as off-the-shelf versions simply don’t exist.

Your physician will usually indicate if a medication requires special compounding, but we encourage you to speak with a pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy about your options if you aren’t sure. Burt’s Pharmacy offers compounding services in a broad range of categories to help you make the right choices about your medication each and every time.

Compounding Pharmacy | Burt's Pharmacy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Unlike synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones contain the same molecular structure as the hormones your body naturally produces. Most are sourced from plants. They may be easier to absorb and utilize for some patients.

Pain Management

Managing pain is an important and often difficult task that almost always requires a multimodal approach. Compounded pain management drugs address this need and may reduce the risk of harmful side effects or contraindicated risks.

Pediatric Compounding

Kid’s usually don’t like medicine--that’s just a fact of life. But getting them to take their medication doesn’t always have to be difficult. With our support, you can access specially compounded medications that go down without a grimace. From antibiotics to ADHD meds, we make daily medications easier.

Pet Medications

When Fido or Fluffy needs medication, you have options! Though many people fill veterinary prescriptions at their vet’s office, it can be cheaper and easier to fill those prescriptions at our compounding pharmacy instead. Veterinary compounding gives you access to everything from insulin to heart medication in easy-to-dose formulas.

Anti-Aging & Skin Care

Worried about fine lines and blemishes? We can compound cosmeceuticals, anti-aging products, and skin care formulas to keep you looking younger, longer.

Dental Compounding

Tooth troubles? Whether it’s whiter or stronger, dental compounding makes treating everything from dental anxiety to dry sockets quicker, easier, and more effective than ever. It’s all about making you comfortable before, during, and after procedures.