Hospital Beds for Sale

When you are looking to get your home ready for home care, you’ll definitely want to consider hospital beds. They are a great option for those who require some bed positioning that is not possible with an ordinary bed. Whether the need is short term or long term, choosing the right hospital bed option is key to getting maximum care while staying at home.


Type of Hospital Beds for Sale

We carry both full electric and semi electric hospital bed frames.


Full-electric Hospital Beds

Full electric hospital beds come with a remote control allowing patients to adjust the bed to the best position for themselves. The remote control has the ability to make the following adjustments:

  • Raise or lower the head
  • Raise or lower the foot
  • Raise of lower the bed

Though slightly more expensive than other hospital beds, the full-electric bed allows for easy adjusting, making it less physically demanding on the patient.


Semi-electric Hospital Beds

Similar to full-electric beds, the semi-electric hospital bed allows for the head and foot to be adjusted electrically. However, the height of the bed frame is adjusted manually by a hand crank. This bed is a good option for patients who don’t have a need to adjust the height of the bed frame too frequently.


Other Hospital Bed Accessories for Sale

We also offer hospital bed mattresses and accessories. Our expert staff at Burt’s Pharmacy is here to help you choose from our selection of hospital beds for sale and guide you in the process of finding the right product for you.

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