Lift Chairs for Sale

A lift chair is a power operated recliner. It is operated with hand control that allows you to change positions. One of the most important positions is the “up” position. It allows you to bring yourself to a standing position. These chairs are a great option for people with arthritis in the knees or hips, or anyone having difficulties standing up from a normal/traditional recliner. Burt’s Pharmacy has a variety of lift chairs for sale and we can help you choose the one to suit your needs.

Independence is often all about the subtle ways in which we navigate our day-to-day lives, many of which we take for granted until they’re no longer an option. When arthritis or even everyday aches and pains strike, even getting into and out of your favorite armchair can be a challenge. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for ease of use; lift chairs blend the best of both worlds together while keeping your home fashionable and attractive, too.

The Power to Seek Comfort

Our power-operated recliners look just like everyday furniture and come in a variety of attractive fabrics and colors. Most importantly, they’re designed with mobility and support in mind. No matter what your condition, a power-operated recliner grants you a greater ability to lie down, sit up, or even stand with less assistance from a caregiver or loved one.

Security, Confidence, and Support

Lift chairs are an excellent option for people with arthritis in the knees or hips as they effectively reduce pressure on the joints while providing better stability when rising from a sitting position. They’re also an effective way to increase stability and security if you experience weakness, numbness, tingling, or other musculoskeletal problems.

For Everyday People Just Like You

You don’t need to have a specific condition to use these chairs; nearly anyone can use them and benefit from the extra support they provide. Even the perfectly healthy and well individual will find them comfortable and cozy.

As we age, our normal activities begin to impact us and cause aches and pains. When it comes time for a bit of rest and relaxation, lift chairs allow you to recuperate faster by reducing strain. There’s just nothing like sinking into a supportive chair after a long day at work or when age-related back pain flares up.

Choosing Your Lift Chair

Lift chairs are suitable for just about everyone, but it is important to pick the chair that suits you best if you’re seeking support for a medical condition. Burt’s Pharmacy has a variety of lift chairs for sale and we can help you to make the best decision possible for your needs. We’ll work with you and your medical team wherever possible to pick a chair that suits not only your condition, but your interior decorating preferences, too.

Three-Position Chairs

The simplest and often most affordable of our lift chairs for sale, the three-position chair lets you recline, sit up, or reach a standing position. Some models also provide additional support for activities through a built-in tray attached to the left or right arm.

Three-position chairs are uniquely suited to people with low-to-moderate support needs, including patients with arthritis and those who are recovering from illness, childbirth, or surgery.

Extra-Wide Lift Chairs

Extra-wide lift chairs provide all the support and stability of your average lift chair with the roominess and comfort of a beloved and timeless family armchair, too. They’re ideal for patients who may require a bit more space for comfort, size accommodation, or even snuggle sessions with a child or family pet.

Most extra-wide chairs come in the same three-position style. The only functional difference is in the width of the seat and chair itself.

Infinite Position Chairs

Experience joint and spinal pain? Infinite position chairs allow you to adjust your seat into a nearly endless range of positions, alleviating pressure on the joints to reducing swelling and inflammation. When placed into the Trendelenburg position (legs higher than the head) they can also support better circulation in people with certain heart conditions or cardiovascular illnesses.

Best of all, most infinite position lift chairs let you operate each part of the chair–including the back, legs, and arms–independently. This provides better control over positioning when compared to a three-position chair. For patients with tactile allodynia or certain mobility struggles, this may improve comfort and independence.

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

Getting comfortable in the face of painful conditions can be a challenge. Zero gravity lift chairs address that challenge, reducing pressure and edema throughout the body and limbs. Most chairs adjust faster and more smoothly than three-position or even infinite position chairs, allowing for micro-adjustments on the fly.

Choosing Your Chair

Still not sure which of our lift chairs for sale is most suitable for your needs? Call Burt’s Pharmacy today for one-on-one guidance in making your most important healthcare decisions.

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